How to solve the Microsoft Outlook Error?

Microsoft outlook is undoubtedly a great email management companion for both official usage and personal usage. It brings all the email address from different service providers into one single platform having tons of feature-rich options with a user-friendly interface. Besides, Microsoft adds an extra security layer to its software making it compatible with many renowned Antivirus software.

With such compelling sets of features and an interface that even a newbie can make the most out of, it is indeed a beneficial option to choose from, Well, like any other software, it is not perfect from every single aspect. The application often faces some glitches and crashes due to several reasons. But, being the sole reliable platform for an organization or an individual, one surely can’t afford such flaws.

One such flaw in Microsoft Outlook application is [pii_email_1606b61a08e6a2cf4db9], where PII refers to personally identifiable information. This error is recently prevailing in many systems due to several reasons. Now that you are here, you are also looking for a proper fix to this error on your Outlook system. Well, you have landed up in the perfect spot.

Not only the fixes, but you are also about to dig deeper into the reason causing this error by the end of this blog. So, let’s begin!

4 fixes to resolve [pii_email_1606b61a08e6a2cf4db9] error

1st Method: – Clear Cache data

Normally PII Outlook errors are the results of the outdated cache data that your system preserves to provide a good user experience. Here is how it can fix the error

By clearing cache and cookies you are removing the damaged or stuck data packets and updating fresh data back to your software. So, there will be no extra interruption from the preserved or outdated data anymore. 

Besides clearing the cache data, you should also try restarting the software and closing the recent window tabs. Also, make sure Microsoft 365 is up to date, and if not, you need to update it to the fresher version.

2nd Method: – Reinstall the software 

Improper installation process due to any kind of interruption or system failure is probably one of the reasons behind improper server connectivity. So, regardless of whether your software is incompatible with other email accounts or incompatible with other service providers, you should take a try at reinstalling the application.

To implement this method properly, the best way is to first uninstall the existing app and clear all its data from the computer and then reinstall it from the Microsoft store.

3rd Method: – Remove other email management tools and update Outlook

Microsoft outlook has the potential to run the email IDs from multiple service providers. But, the connectivity problem can indeed arise due to the functioning of another email platform. Thus, try disabling or uninstalling other applications and check whether you are coming across this error again. Also, make sure to keep the application updated to run along with the latest bug fixes and security patches.

If all 3 methods are not working for your system, you can either go for the web-based app or else contact customer support to resolve the error due to unidentifiable reasons.

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