4 Safety Tips To Keep Your Apple Watch Safe

Apple undoubtedly offers some fantastic gadgets, and the Apple Watch is one of them. Unlike analog or digital watches, smartwatches like Apple Watch have numerous features such as music, a heart rate monitor, physical activity tracker; it can measure even the blood oxygen level.  

Though Apple offers an AppleCare+, bluetooth headset service to fix the most common issues, the service is subscription-based and can cost around $3.99 per month. If you don’t wish to spend that much every month, you must take the proper care of your watch. You can replace the stock band with silicone Apple Watch bands that not only offer safety but are very stylish too. To help you further, here are four safety tips to keep your Apple Watch safe.

1. Avoid water damage

Though iWatches are water-resistant, it doesn’t mean you can toss them in water and expect them to work as before. They are not waterproof. Plus, do you want to risk your expensive watch getting damaged? That’s why you should keep your watch away from the water, to reduce the chances of it getting damaged. 

The watch is designed to withstand sweat, accidental water splashes, and water drops, but it cannot survive being underwater. You should avoid wearing it while taking a shower or swimming. The water-damaged watch may seem alright from the outside, but the technicians can easily detect the damage when they disassemble it. 

2. Prevent exposure to extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures can affect the optimal functioning of your watch. The longer exposure to extreme temperatures can also damage the dial and wrist brand, causing the material to flake and discolor. Apple hasn’t recommended any specific temperature for the watch. So you should keep an eye on where you keep the watch most of the time. If you keep it near a glass window after removing it, the constant exposure to sunlight can also affect its color and damage the insides. 

Though there are no official temperature recommendations from Apple, the technicians often recommend avoiding exposing the watch to below zero temperatures and more than 35° C.

3. Install alternate bands 

There’s no doubt that Apple offers some great wristband options for iWatches. Yet, it wouldn’t hurt to try some new ones. You can easily find Silicone Apple Watch bands made from Silicone and TPU material, which is very durable yet feels softer on the skin. Unlike rubber, it doesn’t break easily but can be stretched much more than rubber bands. 

Along with the high tensile strength, silicone bands have attractive, eye-catching colors. They often have unique color combinations and patterns that can easily turn heads. So if you want to breathe a new life in your iWatch, you can install these alternate bands.

4. Use a screen protector.

The display of iWatches is made of high-quality glass, but it can still break and get scratches. You can install a screen protector on the glass to avoid damage and scratches to increase the protection. You can also install full dial covers that significantly reduce the damage and protect the dial.

The iWatch is a revolutionary product, and you want to ensure your money is worth it. Regular maintenance checkups and keeping it away from water and extreme temperatures can increase its lifespan.

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