Some Things are Only Good for Australians

The continent that’s a country is full of exquisite tastes that would intrigue the modern American. Before we review the things we Aussies love, we do not walk around in kangaroo pouches, and we do not speak Austrian or Australian. Now we have some things we love and are only good for us. From saying a hundred percent to swearing (occasionally) and pairing our football with beer, some things are enshrined in our Aussie spirit. Let’s review them.

Beetroot on Burgers 

What may sound like ick to you is actually tasty and an accouterment to burgers in Australian eateries. From the outback to Perth, you will find burgers donned with mayonnaise, salad, and beetroot. We even eat beetroot with our coffee recipe – the flat white. When you are on a flight layover to New Zealand, have some beetroot to carry, they are duty-free. 

Koalas, ‘roos, and Weird Wildlife

One thing Aussie wildlife has in common with Florid is weird wildlife. Americans and Britons call them koala bears, but they are not even bears. We know Americans refer to drop bears as koalas. Up close, they still look like brothers, but we know our drop bears from our koalas. The cute animals feed on bamboo sprouts, and other plant shoots in Australia’s wild. And no, you cannot pet them. We don’t love kiwis, though, and emus. There’s a difference between kiwis and emus, by the way.

We love the diverse (weird) wildlife, from venomous snakes, spiders, crocs, and whales to the cute koalas. There are also stick-like animals and other creatures that science doesn’t have a name for. If you encounter an animal you can’t tell the name or looks weird, it probably wandered off from the western side of Australia. 

Pokie Machine Sounds

We coined the term pokies since it’s a darling to us. When you mention pokies, your tour guide will take you to a brick-and-mortar casino to occasionally enjoy what we Aussies love. A welcome concept is online pokies. We flock to best payout bonuses to enjoy the games and free food at physical pokie stalls.

Bikinis and Swimwear

It is a common occurrence for many Australians to walk around in bikinis and swimsuits. The main reason is in some parts of Australia, there is never-ending summer from January to January. Only an Australian would know how it feels like to walk around barefoot, the silky sand underneath the feet and warm breezes wafting towards you. 

If you crave a road trip with your swimsuit, have it along the Great Ocean Drive, and soon enough, you will be looking for land in Australia.

Mocking the Prime Minister

A quick search of the former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott and you will find related searches like “what does Kim-Jong un and Tony Abbott have in common?” “What do Abbott and a croc have in common?” and like queries.

Aussies love the prime minister, no doubt. But it doesn’t prevent them from making memes about the leader and taking occasional jibes at the prime minister. If you try that in some countries, you will be charged with treason. But in Australia, even the prime minister may like some of your crafty memes. Since sometimes we like to swear, okay, we curse a lot, it is not uncommon to see the use of industrious language that we cannot write due to our global audience. Visit Australia, and you may learn a word or two. Just don’t use flowery language in morally uptight countries.

We Speak Perfect English

The whole world seems to think we Aussies have a specific Martian language. But no, we speak perfect English. Although due to our diverse cultures, a typical inhabitant speaks more than one language. That does not mean we have accent issues. We speak excellent English even without the r. wa’er for water, bo’ho for a bottle, and more. Next time don’t be surprised when an Aussie speaks fine English. We know it but don’t like to brag.

Chicken Salt is Never Enough

Does chicken salt come from a chicken? Is it chicken you put on chicken? Chicken salt is an iconic condiment that does not have specific recipes. But one thing’s for sure, chicken salt makes chips, fries, or potato scallops, as we like to call them, sweeter. 

The best salt is the most yellow and bright. You can never get enough of the chicken salt on your fries. Chicken salt is an addition to any takeaway, making it almost an Australian symbol of nationalism. There are variations of the chicken salt from America, but they taste awful. Maybe it’s the oversized chicken, the Kiwi, or our blessed culinary skills.


Australia may be drifting far into Antarctica but is not far from the rest of the world. We have unique things that make us Australians. Love or love to hate, they make up our diverse culture. Head over to Australia and experience some of the things unique to us. Of course, we aren’t sharing the chicken salt recipe. 

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