Ideas on what to do with cremation ashes

While there are certain religions and cultures which have always preferred cremation as compared to burial, the practice is increasing in its popularity throughout the world. In 2019, about 54% of the population chose to go for the cremation of their loved ones, which made the act popular as compared to burials. It is estimated that, by 2035, the figure might increase to 72%. 

With a lot of benefits, it isn’t surprising that cremation is common. It tends to be cheaper as compared to burials, with less impact on the environment, is easy to plan, and allows close family members and friends to maintain the physical connection to the loved one through ashes diamond. 

With many families choosing cremation every year, more people have to answer the tough question: what should be done with the ashes after cremation? An adult on average produces less than 200 cubic inches of ash, meaning, it is can fit easily in a standard urn. It is a large portion of ashes that you might find hard to be responsible for. 

Turning the ashes into diamonds 

Although there are various ways of repurposing cremains, turning ashes into jewelry is one of the common solutions that continue to increase in their popularity yearly. You will be able to use the ashes of your loved ones to honor their memory. The carbon that is gotten from ashes, grows into a great gem, which then gets cut and polished as per preference, coming up with a memorial that is unique and customized in the world. 

When the cremated ashes are turned into diamonds, the result is a gem that can easily be customized in reflecting the qualities which are most important of the deceased loved one. The beautiful gems are quite affordable and most cost less as compared to burials, even when taking the cremation ceremony. 

The memorial diamonds normally utilize all the ashes that are created during the process of cremation. You need to have about 2/3 of a cup of ashes in creating a memorial diamond, leaving a lot of remaining ashes for you to be able to share with other loved ones in scattering in a place that is sentimental or to turn into a variety of keepsakes. 

The saying diamonds are forever and thus when you turn ashes into cremation diamonds which says certain things are true. The reefs for cremation will die, tattoos that are made from the ashes fades, and the cremation urns will eventually break. But diamonds are likely to withstand the test of time. 

But it doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of other loving ways of honoring your loved one. When you decide what to do with the ashes, just like the majority of other people, whether unconsciously or not, you will want to be able to accomplish the following: 

  • Honor your loved ones 
  • Come up with a tribute that is permanent to the deceased 
  • To find closure or at least to ensure the grief is manageable 

Nowadays, there are various ways of achieving all three things at once.  

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