Choose a Leather Shoulder Holster that Fits Well!

Many people choose Leather Shoulder Holster for their convenience and comfortability. But many find that one size fits all doesn’t work perfectly. The holster should be able to carry the gun securely, and also help you to draw the gun easily from the holster without any hindrances. There are many other ways to make the holster fit for you. 

You can go for adjustable or tailored leather shoulder holsters. Adjustable shoulder holsters are easily available and affordable. It comes with multiple adjustment points where the user can modify it according to their body size and shape. Thus they are versatile. Tailored Shoulder holsters are made as per your comfortability and preferences. But it will cost you more than adjustable shoulder holsters.  It is up to you to decide between the two. 

How Leather Shoulder Holster Fit you?

You must consider a few things when it comes to how a leather shoulder holster should fit. As the holster must serve its purpose and give you a pleasant experience.  Else there is no point in considering the shoulder holster. 

  • The straps of the holster should be comfortable on your shoulders. They shouldn’t be very tight. The movement of your arms should be free and flexible. As you are wearing a harness on your shoulders, you will feel its presence for sure. But it shouldn’t make you uncomfortable while using it. 
  • The leather shoulder holster should not be loose nor constricted, it should be relatively neutral.  The ideal position for the gun should be halfway between the belt and the armpit. It should be just below the chest. Hence it helps the shooters to carry the gun in the holsters while traveling. 
  • If the straps are not comfortable and the movement is not happening properly, then the holster will not be convenient for you to use. You won’t be able to draw the gun properly in this condition. You may face problems when you encounter an emergency. The main purpose of a leather shoulder holster is to keep the gun in an accurate position, where you can remove it easily and instantly. 

What to Wear While Using Leather Shoulder Holster?

  • A loose jacket will be helpful to conceal the shoulder holster. It is to be worn under the jacket so it won’t be visible to others. The jacket should be loose so that it does not press against the holstered gun tightly. 
  • The jacket must be kept open most of the time. It will help you to quickly access the gun during an emergency. The jacket shouldn’t be zipped completely and must be open at the level of the gun. 
  • Practice drawing the gun from the shoulder holster with all the jackets that you use frequently when using it for the first time. As in the beginning,  it is difficult to remove the gun from the holster. It will give you the confidence of using the leather shoulder holster.

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