Top 6 Stone Garden Ornaments

Gardens are the best place to relax. If you have a tiny space, you can get creative and craft out a space for a small garden. You can add garden ornaments to accentuate the area. You can use stone ornaments, garden water features, arches and other garden decoration to beautify the area. We have listed the top 6 stone garden ornaments for you to pick the best for your garden. 

Sculpture Stone Garden Ornaments

  • Florence Modern Garden Art Statue: The Florence Modern Garden Art Statue is available in two colour options, namely, umber and Cotswold. The base of the stone garden ornaments is 1ft 4 inches and 11 inches. The height is 3 ft 2inches and the total weight of the garden ornament is 87kg. Like any other branded stone garden ornaments, the Florence Modern Garden Art Statue is weather-resistant and handcrafted with fine detailing. 
  • Alice Planter Garden Statue: The Alice Planter Garden Statue serves the dual purpose of a decorative item and the functional aspect like a planter. This tiny statue has a base of 11 inches and a height of 2ft. 9 inches. Moreover, the handcrafted planter garden statue is lightweight, that is, 36 kg. The colour options include burnt umber and aged Cotswold. You can add the planter to an open garden because it is weather resistant. 
  • Fallen Angel Garden Statue: The Fallen Angel Garden Statue Can be used beside any small planter in your garden. The all-weather stone garden ornaments are handcrafted and are available in two colour options- Amber and Cotswold. The statue will add a robust vibe to your garden due to the intricate handcrafted detailing. Also, the statue won’t take much of your garden space. The base of the statue is 11 inches and the height is 3ft 3 inches. 

Buddha Stone Garden Ornaments

  • Standing Buddha Statue: If you have envisioned a calm and serene garden space, the Standing Buddha Statue will be the perfect choice for garden decorative items. The statue is huge and the height is 4ft 9 inches. Also, you don’t have to worry that the statue will wither in bad weather. The handcrafted statue has several intricate details on its body. It is the best piece to be added in the enhance on the garden. 
  • Large Grand Buddha Head Statue: The Large Grand Buddha Head Statue qualifies to be the centrepiece of the garden. You can even add this handcrafted intricately designed piece as the backdrop of your sitting arrangement in your garden. The all-weather stone has a height of 2ft and 5 inches. Moreover, the weight of the statue is 120kg. The grandeur of the statue will manifold with time as it will allow the moss and lichens to attach to the surface. 
  • Lotus Meditating Buddha Statue: The Lotus Meditating Buddha Statue is the perfect addition to your meditation spot. Plant some relaxing fragrant plant and add this handcrafted meditating Buddha Statue to create the vibe. The statue is not that huge. The base of the statue is 1ft. 5 inch and the height is 2ft 6 inches. Also, the weight is 90kg because it is made from stone(weather resistant). 

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