Are mini longboards good for beginners?

We are always in search of suitable activities to fill our leisure period with. Finding an interesting, healthy activity has become quite the challenge in our modern life. But gratefully, skateboarding is there to save us all from that rabbit-hole. Skateboarding is easily one of the most likeable activities. You just need a good board to get into it. As a beginner, you must be contemplating about that. Today, I am going to discuss that in this article.

Things to look out for as a beginner skateboarder

When wondering about which skateboard to choose, you should focus on what you need. For example, you need something that is stable enough for you. The skateboard has to be portable and light-weight. You need to think about what you are going to do with the skateboard. 

You can’t pick a skateboard that’ll have the same level of usability for all kinds of scenarios. For example, some boards are better suited for long commutes where some others perform way better when doing tricks.

You also need to decide if a regular old school skateboard is enough for you. Otherwise, you’ll need an electric skateboard that can cover a medium distance. Those boards won’t even need that much effort from you to ride on. An electric longboard can cover both of the above conditions for you. It can go further using the power of its battery pack. It is also hugely easy to ride on such a board, thanks to the board’s motor unit.

The portability being a huge factor decides if the board can be kept along with you. Light-weight boards are easy to carry around. If you want a light-weight board at first, you should consider mini skateboards. Interestingly, there are also mini longboards. I understand that the name sounds a bit “conflicting”. But they have their particular usage. I’ll talk about mini longboards in a later section.

Skateboards are a vital part of learning when someone new is trying to learn skateboarding. That’s why one needs a skateboard which will definitely make the learning easier. You need to feel comfortable when riding your skateboard. It should also be just enough challenging to ride on in order to push you forward.

Mini Longboards: The name makes sense when you know

Mini Longboards are very practical. It is true that the name doesn’t make much sense at first. Mini longboards are generally 25-33 inches long. They are also distinctively different in shape from regular size longboards. Fortunately, that doesn’t restrict the variability of mini longboards. Just like regular longboards, mini boards do also come in varieties such as cruiser, hybrid and so on. Mini longboards, as one can guess, are different in price than regular longboards. The pricing for mini longboards starts around $60. You should pick one with a wider deck. They help a lot in balancing.

Advantages of Mini Longboards

Mini longboards have certain advantages. They are the reason people choose a mini longboard as their first board. 

Mini longboards are highly portable. Take your favourite board anywhere, school or park. Those boards are very light yet good for everyday usage. Though you should consider the weight of the wheel attached to your board. Many times those of a mini longboard weigh too much than expected.

Mini longboards are cheap. You can get one at as low price as $60. Some mini longboards with high quality components will cost a little bit more. 

Mini longboards come in a lot of varieties. Mini cruiser longboards are suitable for daily commute and they perform considerably well in rough terrain. It is true that regular longboards can traverse much further in the very same area. But riding in the same terrain will definitely feel smoother on a mini longboard.

Mini Longboards for Beginner

There are always a lot of people who are just beginning to explore the amazing world of skateboarding. Mini longboards can be useful for most of them. So, yes, mini electric longboards are good for beginners. But there is a chance that grown up learners won’t share the same feeling. They will often find it hard to master riding on a mini longboard. This is especially applicable if they do not know how to balance on a skateboard. The deck of mini longboards are found to be too narrow  by the mature learners.


Learning how to skateboard is not easy. But the process becomes a little less difficult when you get a good board. That’s why mini longboards are still chosen by new enthusiasts of this world. You should join them and find out the fun that is riding a mini longboard?

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