Numbing cream for skin – How To Use It Properly

As the name suggests, numbing cream for skin basically does the exact thing that it says. Applying it directly on your skin before any procedure will help you reduce the pain and, in some cases, completely desensitize your skin to it. It’s always recommended to use it under your doctor’s supervision as it contains quite a few active ingredients which may cause harm if not used by the prescribed amount. 

How to prep the skin before using it – 

The following tips will help you get the maximum out of your numbing cream for skinif you plan to use it before any procedure. 

  1. Wash your skin with a bar of mild soap to clean the entire area that you are going to apply. Sweat, oil, or dirt will actually not allow the cream to work properly for your benefit. 
  2. After washing the skin, it is very important for you to actually blot it properly. The presence of any soap or water would not be good for your skin.
  3. You should be very careful and check properly for injuries. Applying the cream directly to any kind of injury can incur complications that may vary from person to person. So, make sure that your skin doesn’t have any kinds of injuries.
  4. You should always wear gloves while applying the cream. Letting the cream get absorbed in your hands will only make your fingers numb, which you don’t need. 
  5. Avoid any kind of eye contact. And if by any chance it gets into your eyes, it is best to visit a doctor and get it checked out.

Don’t forget to use these tips while applying the cream. It will make your experience with any numbing cream for the skin very good.

Side effects that you don’t need to worry about – 

  1. Changes in colour and texture of your skin. It is very common that after applying the numbing cream you may see that your skin turns a little bit red or the texture feels like chicken skin. It’s nothing to worry about. The skin returns to its original state after the effect wears off. However, if it doesn’t after 2-3 hours, then surely visit a doctor. 
  2. The itching sensation is also common. The area may develop some rashes. this actually shows that you might be a little bit allergic to the product. This is why it is always better to patch test any product before applying it to a larger area of your skin. 
  3. A mild burning sensation is also very normal. It may happen because of all the active ingredients present in it. During this time, it is always better to use cold water rather than ice. It helps with burning or any kind of inflammation. 

My last piece of advice would be that it’s always normal to experience a few side effects while trying out a new product but if anything, unusual happens and lingers for a long time, it’s always advised to visit a doctor. So, follow the steps and take all the precautions to get the perfect painless experience that you desire out of your numbing cream for skin. 

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